Ecopav Group

The Ecopav group comprises three companies (Ecopav, Ecoservice and Transportec) and operates in the areas of Environmental Sanitation, Civil Construction, Resurfacing of Roads and Equipment Rental.

Grounded in the use of state-of-the-art technology, in planning so as to minimize environmental impacts, and in constant training of its employees, each company in the group seeks to offer its clients the best technical solution at competitive prices.

Operations of Environmental Sanitation encompass the management of urban waste – from collection, transport and management to re-using the waste and selling recycled products. This area also provides services of maintenance of public areas and environmental consultancy. The clients served, both public and private, enjoy flexible solutions that guarantee the treatment and adequate disposal of any unused waste.

Civil Construction activities are the original mainstay of the Group, and Ecopav and its technicians have executed over a thousand highly diverse projects, ranging from infrastructure and basic sanitation to industrial and commercial buildings, prisons and parks, with the concept of Sustainable Construction, in line with the global trend and with the other environmental operations undertaken by the Group.

In turn, Road Resurfacing operations stem from the Ecopav Group’s partnership with a multinational company which has a strong presence in this market. And these operations have been growing, driven by Brazil’s fast pace of development.

The group’s involvement in Equipment Rental was a natural consequence of the various activities carried out by the Ecopav Group, which have resulted in an extensive fleet of vehicles and machines built up over the years.

The group boasts 20 years of experience and tradition in Urban and Environmental Solutions, serving both public and private sectors, solutions which contribute to the sustainable development of Brazil.